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What makes for an environment-friendly kitchen?

Our good partner Puustelli’s new collection – Puustelli Miinus – only utilises environment-friendly materials in everything from the frames to the worktops. Through carefully considered development, the weight of the kitchen was reduced by nearly 40% and the carbon footprint by 45%. The product is patented.

  • All traditional frame materials have been replaced with a biocomposite body, which is extremely durable, customisable, and easy to transport.
  • The doors are made from FOSB, wood, wood veneer, and glass.
  • The main worktop materials are quartz and ceramic, as well as painted, lacquered, or oiled solid wood.
  • The surface treatment products are solvent-free, and the adhesives do not contain formaldehyde.

An ecological Miinus kitchen benefits future generations. At the end of the service life of the kitchen, it can be safely disposed of, and the materials reused or recycled.


Puustelli Miinus kitchen furniture 35% off for all Toom-Kuninga 15 apartments!

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