Commercial premises

There are five commercial premises in the Toom-Kuninga 15 development project. The 31,4–199 m2 spaces are suitable for both new and long-established businesses. View commercial premises

Easy access and convenience

The commercial premises are convenient and easy to access, especially compared to the city centre. Visiting customers will be able to park their cars in Toom-Kuninga street.

All the commercial premises have tall windows that make the rooms feel spacious, as well as a lovely terrace, where visitors and company employees can gather to relax or find inspiration.

Financially secure customers
The clients that frequent appreciate value and quality. As such, we are looking for businesses that can offer exclusive products and services. The large premises are perfect for beauty salons, gourmet shops, art galleries or fashion studios. We hope to see many businesses here that will enrich the lives of the locals. Their residents are thus potential clients for your future business.