About the project

The architectural design competition for Toom-Kuninga 15 was won by architects from the renowned architectural firm Kadarik, Tüür. Arhitektid.

They are a leading Estonian architectural firm that has worked on a number of attractive buildings adorning Estonian cityscapes.

“When designing the Toom-Kuninga 15 apartment building, the maintenance of the existing human-dimensional street space and distinctive building volumes were of key importance.

The high- and low-lying green zone between the street and the buildings creates a pleasant and park-like atmosphere upon entering the residential area. The cafés and commercial premises on the ground floor create an urban-style living environment and offer essential services.

Through the use of different materials, the sizeable building is divided into multiple contextually harmonious parts that appear as separate buildings. The lower parts of the building harmonise with the historic residential buildings across the street, while the higher levels sit back on the rear side of the property.

Concrete is used as the dominant exterior finishing material – its various finishing techniques create a visual diversity and add a subtle level of detail. Sections of rust-coloured concrete add an accent to the black and white concrete. Meanwhile, dark metal details give character to the facade.”

– Ott Kadarik. Kadarik, Tüür. Arhitektid


Toom-Kuninga 15 construction quality is ensured by Kiikri Ehitus

The team of Kiikri Ehitus consists of specialists with extensive experience in construction, who have successfully completed various projects of different architectural characters and volumes. The team also includes members of Metro Capital’s construction department, who, in recent years, have participated in the construction of the Meerhof residences, the Tivoli residential area, Meerhof 2.0, and Kiikri residences in Tallinn.

Energy-efficient homes

The Toom-Kuninga 15 buildings were designed with the aim of ensuring minimal energy consumption and excellent indoor climate homes. The buildings are rated class B for energy efficiency: the calculated annual energy consumption is 120 kilowatt hours per square metre. The buildings were designed using an energy performance simulation tool (IDA ICE) that enabled us to obtain accurate estimates of the indoor climate and heat transmittance of structural elements.

Renewable energy and district heating

Toom-Kuninga 15 homes are heated via economical district heating and the rooms have water-based underfloor heating. Commercial premises are heated via concealed trench heaters. Wet rooms are fitted with electric heating cables. The water and heating meters are remotely accessible and located above the front door to the apartment. The boiler room is located in the basement. There are solar panels on the rooftops to generate electricity.

Fresh and clean air

The constant supply of fresh air and removal of excess moisture are ensured through apartment-based ventilation systems. Filtered ventilation helps reduce the amount of dust particles in the indoor air. Modern ventilation systems ensure an even indoor temperature and reduce the feeling of draughts. Kitchen extractor hoods have apartment-based standalone exhaust ducts. Apartment-based cooling system The IDA ICE energy performance simulation software was also used for designing the cooling systems. Some apartments have a cooling system to ensure a good indoor climate, which we have already integrated into the suspended ceiling of the apartments. It is still possible to order a cooling system in the selected apartments. Contact our sales team for additional information.

Fortress home

The Toom-Kuninga 15 buildings are built maximally of concrete elements, while the underground floor is built with monolithic concrete. Modern insulation materials ensure that the building will retain excellent thermal insulation performance for decades. The slim exterior walls and combined roofs are windproof and their thermal insulation will not degrade over time due to moisture or sagging.

Complete silence

The walls between the apartments as well as apartments and the stairwell at Toom-Kuninga 15 are made from concrete panels (200 mm), which ensures outstanding sound insulation. Where using concrete panels was not possible, we used a three-layered Aeroc wall solution (300 mm). The doors and windows provide additional noise damping.

Thick walls

The exterior walls are mainly formed from concrete. The walls behind the inset balconies were realised using lightweight structures and covered with facade siding. Even the balconies are designed with lightweight structures. Non-load-bearing interior walls are covered with double-layered plasterboard.

Lots of light

The Toom-Kuninga 15 apartments are fitted with several large windows to fill the homes with sunlight. The windows consist of triple glazing set in a wood-aluminium frame and help dampen noise from the streets. All windows have at least one openable section. The windows keep heat in and reflect incoming sunlight.

Quality doors

The front doors of the apartments are wooden fire doors. The outer sides of the doors are laminated with wooden shielding. The interior doors of the apartments are wood panel doors, which will be finished according to the selected interior finishing packages. The automatic parking lot door is equipped with a licence plate recognition system.

Smart home solution

The wall cabinets in the entrance halls of apartments are used for housing flow meters and optional smart home servers. Eight penthouse apartments are equipped with a LOXONE Miniserver as well as lighting and curtain control systems. Heating, cooling and ventilation can be controlled via wall-mounted thermostats and a remote control. For additional living comfort, the smart home solution can also be ordered for other selected apartments. Contact our sales team for additional information.


Apartments with the smart home solution are equipped with a door phone connected to a tablet or other pre-configured mobile device. Apartments without the smart home solution will have a doorbell installed by the front door as a switch. The door opening system of the door phone can also be programmed into the owner’s smartphone. The lobby and parking lot entrances are secured with video surveillance.