Toom Kuninga

Homes with character.
Location with a soul.

Located between the Uus Maailm district and Tallinn city centre, Toom-Kuninga 15 was designed keeping the needs of the future inhabitants in mind. Its modern architecture and carefully considered functionality complement each other. Taking your comfort into account at every stage, each millimetre was developed by specialists in the relevant field. As a result, we developed apartments and public areas that are both beautiful and highly functional. 1–4 room apartments and spacious business premises will be available for sale.

The Toom-Kuninga project boasts generously sized rooms, high ceilings, bold colours and gorgeous public areas. As is inherent in all Metro Capital projects, the main emphasis is on building quality, environmental sustainability and ease of use.

Environment and inhabitants, in perfect harmony

Uus Maailm and the city centre – this is active community life, and new and old friends. Historic atmosphere in a safe and quiet environment. Fashionable restaurants and lush parks. This is a district with plenty of activities for the whole family.


“When designing the Toom-Kuninga 15 apartment building, the maintenance of the existing human-dimensional street space and distinctive building volumes were of key importance.”

– Ott Kadarik,
Kadarik, Tüür. Arhitektid.

The high- and low-lying green zone between the street and the buildings creates a pleasant park-like atmosphere upon entering the area. There are cafes and commercial premises on the ground floor, creating a desirable living space for the locals.

A large-scale building has been divided into contextual parts by using different materials. The character of the different houses is highlighted by the interior design materials of public areas and the lobby.

Concrete is used in exterior finishing, which, with its various finishing techniques, creates a visual diversity and adds a subtle level of detail.

A spacious courtyard

....recreates the atmosphere of a private park with cafes and business, all of which provides a homelike and warm environment.


The lower parts of the building reflect the historic residential buildings across the street, and the higher levels remain on the children stadium’s part of the property.

Elegant exterior finish

Rusty concrete tones add an accent to the black and white concrete, while elegant metal details give character to the facade. The building exterior is majestic, while still fitting into the surrounding environment.



TK15 buildings belong to the energy class B.

Metro Capital has involved top Estonian engineers in the design phase to ensure maximum energy-saving and low utility costs for the buildings.

There are also solar panels on the roofs of the buildings.


TK15 is a tailor-made development project that is designed for contemporary city life. It is intended for anyone who appreciates quality and considers the values of the surrounding environment.

All apartment plans and public areas are also carefully thought out. The residents and guests enter through a stylishly designed lobby, where there is even a storage facility for bicycles. All rooms are carefully designed, considering the movement of the sun, the effective use of the room and the overall comfort of the apartment.


TK15 buildings are made of concrete, which ensures a pleasant indoor climate and the longest possible lifespan for the buildings. In all parts of the project, environmental sustainability principles have been taken into account. There are solar panels on the roofs of the buildings, electric charging stations in the garages, environmentally friendly materials are used in construction, and companies that we consider to be environmentally sound are chosen as partners.

Outstanding interior decoration

When choosing the interior decoration material, we were guided by the principle that the selected materials would be the same ones we would like to see in our homes or public areas. To achieve this, we integrated recognized Estonian interior architects into our design team.

TK15 interior decoration packages are bold and distinctive. You can choose between three packages. Ask for more information by filling out the contact form below.

Interior design

Sophisticated architecture with an exciting decorative concrete element facade acts timelessly and with a sense of continuity.


The interior architecture is inspired by the local architectural key and adds an eternal dimension to the traces of the modernist architecture in the heart of Tallinn, Tõnismägi. An architecture from the times of first Estonian Republic is brought to life again. It is reminiscent of the beginning of modernism, but interpreted in a contemporary context, following the example of Tallinn's architecture in a location-specific fashion.